Storage containers are the most common type of shipping containers available in the intermodal world. They come in many different sizes of which 20 and 40 footer ones are the most common of all. Storage containers are also known as dry containers, GP containers & many more etc depending on where you are located.

Storage containers have a wide range of uses. Not only used as a container purely for moving goods or items from place to place. It is often being converted or containerised into other usages such as shipping storage container dormitory, shipping storage container homes, shipping storage container kitchen, shipping storage container laboratory, shipping storage container office, shipping storage container toilet, shipping cargo container shop etc.

Reasons why shipping storage containers are chosen for conversion on the above mentioned uses are partly because they are very mobile, cost-effective, fashionable (industrial feel look), hassle free and sellable (basic value is attached to it instead of classifying it as thrash after use)

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40 foot shipping storage container

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