Freezer Containers

What is a refrigerated container?

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A refrigerated container is a well insulated ISO shipping container which comes built-in with air cooling compressor with the common temperature setting ability between -25 to +25 degree Celsius for use by exporters and storage users to export or store their temperature sensitive cargoes.

Refrigerated containers are commonly known as reefer or reefer container in the intermodal industry. Refrigerated containers for sale are commonly found here in Joy Containers.

They typically come in two standard shipping container dimensions, 20ft shipping container and 40ft shipping container respectively.

Why do you need a reefer container?

Refrigerated containers commonly used as freezers and chillers. They provide a cheap and quick solution for your refrigeration needs. Instead of building a cold room from scratch which can be very costly, the market is turning to used refrigerated containers for their freezing and chilling needs. No matter whether your restaurant needs cold room storage space for that additional racks of frozen foods or exporting frozen ice-cream overseas. Refrigerated containers will be your most reliable and cost-effective shipping container.

Where can you get a reefer container?

refrigerated containers for sale

There are plenty of freezer containers suppliers out there. However, not all of them are selling refrigerated containers which are in good working condition resulting in spoilt or damaged goods due to temperature fluctuations. Depending on your needs and requirements, Joy Containers have a wide range of reefer containers of different makes, age, conditions across multiple locations in Australia available.

When will you need a reefer container?

If you are planning to export temperature sensitive cargo overseas or planning to have a cost-effective and quick cold room space for your storage needs, freezer containers could a great pick. It will be deal for to start sourcing around for the best refrigerated container for sale deals here in town with Joy Containers.

Refrigerated container compressor machinery

The compressor within the reefer container is the heart of the cold room equipment. If not working, the refrigerated container becomes redundant. Therefore, choosing a refrigerated container supplier becomes extremely critical to avoid that unwanted frustration or losses which may arise.

Common brands of reefer container compressor machinery

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Depending on which geographical location a user is based, the brand of compressor machinery becomes relatively important as in the event of a breakdown, the availability of spare parts will make or break it. Do be in touch today so that we can recommend our most common available reefers within your area.

Important terms to take note

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Very often a new refrigerated container is extremely costly and not available most of the times. Our customers usually settle for the used refrigerated containers instead. Do request from your refrigerated container supplier to provide a Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) report which is basically a report from a qualified technician or third party to certify that the refrigerated container is in good working order.

Common uses of Reefer Container


– Storage of frozen poultry, frozen seafood, ice-cream, frozen processed foods or fruits and many more items which needs freezing climate control.


– Storage of chilled food and beverage such as wines, beers, processed foods and many more items which needs chilling climate control.

Industry wide applications

  • Commercial: for shipping or storage of perishable goods
  • Events: for additional temporary storage of chilled or frozen foods especially during special events or festive occasions
  • Pharmaceuticals: for the transport or storage of medicine/samples that need to be stored in a cool dry place
  • Chemical: ideal for handling or storage of hazardous chemicals that needs to be chilled or frozen
  • Commercial / Residential unit conversion: non-working compressor machinery can be removed and the container can be converted as it has a solid internal insulation suitable for usage in countries with extreme temperatures above 40 degrees and sub-zero temperatures

Non-Operating Refrigerated Container (Non-Operating Reefer = NOR)

We talked about refrigerated containers for sale are often used for freezing and storage needs. What happens if the compressors breakdown. Very often due to wear and tear, the compressor will break down eventually and no longer be fit for functioning. At this stage, if the refrigerated container body is in relatively good condition overall. They are decommissioned and be sold as Non-Operating Refrigerated Container also known as NOR. Refrigerator containers are built with a remarkably well-insulated body which gives them a second life. Our customers often use them as storage sheds in their backyard or convert them into shipping container homes. As they already come insulated, the cost savings on insulation labor and material has been taken care of. We have many decommissioned non-operating refrigerated reefer units in our fleet going at attractive mind-blowing shipping container prices. Do get in touch with us today to talk about your needs. 

Powering up a Reefer Container

All refrigerated containers are powered by an external power source such as building mains or diesel generator when stored at a facility and uses diesel-powered generators when being transported. Their minimum requirement power supply requirement is 32amp, 3-phase, 440-volt.