Reefers also known as refrigerated containers are one type of well insulated shipping containers which contains an internal refrigeration system meant for cargo that requires climate control environment during transport or storage. All refrigerated containers are powered by external power source when stored at a facility and uses diesel-powered generators when being transported. Temperature inside the reefers can be adjusted anywhere between -25 to 25 degrees Celsius as needed.

20ft reefer (refrigerated) shipping container

reefer (refrigerated) shipping container

When To Use Reefers?

40ft reefer (refrigerated) shipping container

Most commonly, reefers are known to have outstanding performance when used in the following industries:

  • Commercial : for shipping or storage of perishable goods
  • Events : for additional temporary storage of chilled or frozen foods especially during special events or festive occasions
  • Pharmaceuticals : for the transport or storage of medicine/samples that needs to be stored in a cool dry place
  • Chemical : ideal for handling or storage of hazardous chemicals that needs to be chilled or frozen
  • Commercial / Residential unit conversion : non-working compressor machinery can be removed and the container can be converted as it has a solid internal insulation suitable for usage in countries with extreme temperatures above 40 degrees and sub-zero temperatures
Reefer (refrigerated) shipping container – interior

Joycontainers offers 10-ft, 20-ft and 40-ft refrigerated containers for sale in Australia and New Zealand, they will be inspected and given a PTI (Pre Trip Inspection) certificate before leaving the depot. All our refrigerated shipping containers come in competitive prices but are in top quality and ISO compliant. It is suitable for both chilled and frozen cargo usage. You can check our shipping container dimensions here.

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