Open top containers are shipping containers that have a removable opening on the container top which will either come in commonly soft tops or hard tops. Hard tops are removable steel tops while soft tops include tarpaulins. An open top shipping container has roof bows that supports the roof and helps to keep the walls of the container intact for added strength.

40ft open top container (soft top)

20ft open top container (soft top)

20ft open top containers (hard top)

When To Use Open Top Containers?

It is always recommended to compare the size of the cargo that will go with the shipping container. Mainly, open top containers are ideal for use in the following applications:

  • Cargos that are higher than the height of the container
  • Cargos that cannot fit through the container doors and can only be loaded from the top

It is best used to transport the below items which are normally loaded by crane, for example:

  • heavy and fully-assembled tools and machinery
  • big tyres
  • building materials such glass panels
  • big plants/trees
  • scrap metals
  • other bulky items that are only able to load from the top
20ft open top container (loaded)

Open top containers are used for dry cargo only. Items can be packed and unpacked from the top or can be loaded and unloaded through the doors using a crane.

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