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Simply to say, high cube containers are those dry shipping containers that are one feet or 300mm higher than the standard common dry storage containers. The extra head room of 1 ft. makes it essential for more storage capacity. They usually come in only 40ft and 45ft sizes, but lately due to market demand, the 20 foot shipping container for sale are also available. Similar as a standard storage container, high cube containers are secure, wind and water tight to keep cargo and items free from damage. It is great for storage and also very suitable for building and construction for shipping container housing.

difference between 20ft storage and high cube shipping container

When To Use High Cube Containers?

High cube containers has an incomparable range of applications compared to a standard 20 ft. shipping container. Usage can be maximised when it is applied for the following projects:

  • Transport and/or storage of cargo that requires more head space but needs to be in closed environment
  • For temporary work and workshop space, it adds on to additional container height for lighting and makes the space more roomy and comfortable
  • Perfect storage solution for both industrial and commercial sectors which requires bigger storage space
  • Best for custom-made homes, restaurants or pop up stores targeted at the consumer industries

Joycontainers offers new and used 20-ft, 40-ft and 45-ft high cube containers and even the double door (front and rear double ISO door opening) ones as shown below. 40 foot shipping container for sale are always a good option if you like to have a bigger space for shipping container homes.

20ft high cube container (double door)

All of them are in wind, water-tight condition to support all your project needs. This make it suitable for any type of application and provides value for your investment at the same time. Details on our shipping container dimensions can be found here.

20ft high cube container

40ft high cube container

If you are looking for high cube shipping containers for sale in Australia or New Zealand, look no further as we have the best shipping containers which are available in these shipping container locations. Let us know how our storage, transport and alternate application solutions help you with your projects.

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