Available shipping containers for sale

Joy Containers is dedicated to bring you top quality shipping containers in Australia. We have new and used shipping containers for sale at our local depots within the major key cities which you can find here. Our wide selection of shipping containers has helped both small and large-scale businesses and even government and private sectors with their storage, portable spaces, permanent buildings and shipping container home needs effectively and efficiently.

We make sure that all our shipping container prices are cost-effective to ensure that our customers can get the advantage of our whole-sale rates and enjoy our cheap shipping containers at partial quantities. For larger quantities, just let us know in advance so we can arrange our stocks to accommodate orders from our growing database of customers.


Buy Shipping Container

At Joycontainers, buying shipping containers is easy and hassle-free. Just contact us, provide your requirements and we will give you the best quote for free. If you are pleased with our offer, you can either

  • trust us to select the most suitable container or
  • view condition of the container from photos (if available) or
  • come by and visit our local depot near you and choose the shipping containers for yourself.

This gives you the freedom to acquire the most suitable shipping containers with accordance to your convenience for your project needs.

Types of shipping containers

Our dry shipping containers and open top containers are the bestsellers in the shipping container fleet. We also have high cube containers, reefer containers, flat racks and many more. Our shipping containers commonly come in 20ft shipping container dimensions and 40ft shipping container dimensions. You may visit our shipping container dimensions page to find out more on shipping container sizes.

Shipping Containers (Dry)

Our 20 foot shipping container for sale and 40 foot shipping container for sale are ideal for storing items which are intended to be kept for long time. Joy Containers sells shipping containers in all kinds of conditions. Conditions will range from New (One Trip), Cargo-worthy (CW), Wind water tight (WWT) or AS IS (What you see is what you get)

High Cube Containers

Joy Containers has high cube containers which come in 40ft and 45ft length sizes. If you are planning to transport cargo which is higher than conventional shipping container height standards, the high cube is able to accept the maximum height of up to 2.70 metres high, do go for our high cube containers which meets this requirement. Click here to know more about our high cube containers.

Open Top Containers

If you have heavy-duty items or cargo that is higher than the regular 20ft and 40ft shipping containers or does not go through the ISO original container door, then you definitely need open top containers. With Joycontainers, all our open top containers comes with proper canvas tarpaulin for cover and have removable bands on top to easily load your cargos. They are also available in high cube height standards. Do check with us for stock availability.

Reefer Containers

If you are into perishable goods business, you would need reefer containers. They are known as mobile cold rooms or refrigerated containers, basically their temperature settings can range from -25 degrees to 25 degrees depending on the type of commodity you have. They come in 20ft and 40ft shipping container sizes. As these containers are higher in value due to the presence of mechanical components such as control panel, compressor etc. A pre-trip inspection known as PTI is performed before the sale to test that it is in good running order and fit for the next shipment!

Flat Rack

For large, heavy and bulky cargos that are higher that the roof height of a regular shipping container, cannot fit through the original ISO container doors and can only be loaded from the sides or the top, a flat rack is the one to go for. Joycontainers are experts in providing flat racks for general machinery equipment and other heavy cargo for transport usage.

Other Containers

Any other ISO containers that you need but not found on the above?
Feel free to let us know what you need and we are glad to assist you.

Planning for your next project? Do check out our shipping container dimensions for your good reference.