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Types of Shipping Containers for Sale Sydney


General Purpose 

The most common shipping containers in the shipping industry. Available in two common sizes, 20ft shipping container size or 40ft shipping container size. This type of shipping container comes with a lot of features. They are ideal for small storage space, site office or even as a shipping container home. If you want to buy shipping container in Sydney at the most competitive rate, then approaching us would be a great decision.

However you may want to use it you will always find a good reason to buy a good quality shipping containers for sale Sydney with Joy Containers.

High Cube Container

Need an extra ceiling space? Fret not, the high cube container is 1 feet higher than the dry shipping container and are getting very common nowadays. Most shipping lines or companies are buying more high cube 40ft shipping containers in their fleet rather than the 40ft general purpose container due to the minimal price difference and the extra convenience it can bring. You will get one of the best shipping container in Sydney at Joy Containers.

Open Top Container

Shipping Containers for Sale Sydney also offer open top container. The differentiating factor between the general purpose container and open top container is that it comes with a removable top. The material of this removable top is usually tarpaulin canvas, also known as the soft top. The opposite of the soft top is the hard top which is a very rare unit unless specifically requested, else is very uncommon to spot in the market. The hard top container comes with a removable steel panel which requires the lifting slings and crane to lift its lid away from the open top container. Open top containers are often used for equipment or cargo which are higher than the shipping container’s external height and usually will need to be loaded from the top instead from the conventional side entrance. 

Reefer Container

Reefer Containers is simply referred as a refrigerated container. This kind of container is used in transporting or storing cargos which requires climate control such as fruits, meats, dairies or other chilled and frozen products. It is also used to store pharmaceutical and laboratory products. It’s temperature can be controlled depending on the cargo being stored. It has a dual usage and can be either used as freezer or chiller. 

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