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General Purpose Shipping Container

20ft Shipping Container being the most common shipping container is a useful alternative storage. This kind of container comes at a lower cost. Most common uses of this container would be as a temporary or permanent home storage, transporting goods and materials in different kinds, mobile home or work space. And if you have more resources this shipping container can also be transformed to an improvised shelter for a family.

Shipping containers for sale Melbourne has 20ft shipping container in new and used Condition. We, by far offer the most competitive price for each shipping container in the Australia without sacrificing its quality.

High Cube Container

40ft shipping container size is popular among industrial and structural operation. With its size and capacity, 40ft high cube container is considered one of the largest shipping container in the market. It is able to store larger capacity of goods and equipment and other bulky items. This shipping container is ideal if you wish to have more room for storage and if you want to redecorate the space to your desired design if you are planning to use it as a temporary work or home space.

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Other Popular Products

Shipping containers for sale Melbourne offer special kinds of shipping containers such as open top containers and reefer containers.

Do you wonder how to store and move cargos that are way taller than the container itself? Or you have some materials or equipment that can’t even fit in the container door. Open top container is the best solution. It has a removable roof that can be open and closed from the top. This type of Container will make the work a lot easier and faster. Shipping container for sale Melbourne offer good quality 20ft and 40ft new and used open top container.

Reefer container is the perfect shipping container for storing and transporting temperature controlled goods and other products. Whether you want to transport your goods locally or international this container will do its best work. Shipping containers for sale Melbourne is highly recommended for reefer containers due to its good quality and service. 

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