Shipping containers for sale Adelaide

shipping containers for sale adelaide

Searching for shipping containers Adelaide and shipping containers for sale Adelaide will often lead to you a pool of results and not knowing where to start and how to choose from. Look no further, we are South Australia’s leading shipping container supplier. Satisfaction guaranteed.

To begin with, our shipping containers are located in the Port Adelaide depot where accessibility is convenient and within easy reach.

Our company operates widely in most major cities of Australia to cater the container buying needs of the country. We made it even more convenient recently by offering our Shipping Containers for Sale Adelaide for those who are in South Australia and nearby cities.

With the seemingly higher demand of the product in the market, we offer wide selections of our Shipping Containers for Sale Adelaide with different sizes and types. Depending on what your requirements are and for whatever purpose you may want to use it, we only wish to give you the best that you deserve.

General Purpose Container – Shipping Containers For Sale Adelaide

If you’re looking for a shipping container to move your items from place to place or simply want to use it as a storage in the vicinity of your property. Where you are a consumer, business in shipping, freight or transportation industry, look no further! Joy Containers have it all. Shipping Containers for Sale Adelaide offers new and used condition shipping containers. We are able to upgrade wind water tight (WWT) to Cargo Worthy (CW) status if you have an intention of shipping them overseas. The validity of the CSC plate of the shipping containers will be extended by affixing a new date sticker after the survey.

Planning on building a mobile home, mobile office space, garage and other portable made spaces? Shipping Containers for Sale Adelaide has the best quality containers that will surely satisfy your needs.

Shipping Containers for Sale Adelaide offers both 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers with international shipping container dimensions.


High Cube Container – Shipping Containers For Sale Adelaide

Some items are too high to fit into a regular general purpose shipping container, thus shipping containers for sale Adelaide offer you an alternative using the High Cube Containers for the space that you need. With an extra 1-foot-high from the regular shipping container you can have the same quality from the standard storage container while giving you head space for more storage capacity.

Open Top Container – Shipping Containers For Sale Adelaide

When you think storage and high cube container is all that it exists within the container family, Shipping Containers for Sale Adelaide presents you the open top container for more comfort and space if you need to move goods or items that are tall enough to fit inside a closed shipping container. Ideal for moving heavy and fully assembled tools and machinery, big plants and trees, scrap metal and other bulky items that can only be loaded and unloaded from the top.

Reefer Container – Shipping Containers For Sale Adelaide

Best known as refrigerated container. Reefer Container is best used for goods and other items that need cold temperature during transport or storage. It has a temperature between -25 to 25 degree Celsius that suits in storing perishable items, frozen foods, medicines and other items that need a cold environment storage for it not to spoil. Shipping containers for sale Adelaide offers the standard 20ft and 40ft container sizes.

Looking for cheap shipping containers for sale with good condition, quality service and most competitive shipping container prices, look no more! Buy shipping containers from Joy Containers today!