Shipping Container Sizes

Shipping container dimensions or shipping container sizes will be the most critical information that you will need on hand be it whether you are planning to build your dream shipping container homes or to plan on how the high cube container is high enough to accommodate your over sized equipments. We have all the information below for your convenience.

Shipping Containers (Dry)

Shipping containers (dry) are the most common type of shipping containers available in the intermodal world. They are known as general purpose containers, sea containers, iso containers and many more. Most commonly available in 20ft shipping container and 40ft shipping container dimensions.

High Cube Containers

Simply to say, high cube containers are those dry shipping containers that are one feet or 300mm higher than the standard common dry shipping container.

Open Top Containers

Open top containers are shipping containers that have a removable opening on the container top which typically comes in 2 forms. The more common open top container with tarpaulin canvas cover are known as soft top shipping container and the other one which comes with hard removable steel top is known as the hard top shipping container. The hard top container are hard to come by as they are rarely used in the industry, however the good thing about the hard top is they are more resilient than the soft top container due to its material strength which do not result in common water leakage issues as compared to its brother.

Reefer Containers (Refrigerated Containers)

Reefer Containers also known as refrigerated containers are meant for cold chain logistics. From frozen cargoes such as seafood, poultry, ice-cream to chilled items, they are built to handle them. Their temperature can go as low as -35 degree celsius. Made with thick insulation, they are able to retain its inner temperature and isolate itself from the exterior environment. If well maintained, be it placing them in extreme harsh environments such as desserts or Antarctic regions, they will still be able to function well and perform their duty.

Flat Racks

Flat racks are meant to carry odd size cargoes which usually have a wider width than standard ISO container container width of 8 feet.

Shipping Container Technical Drawings