Cheap shipping containers with amazing shipping container prices

shipping container prices

shipping container prices

How much does a shipping container cost? You found yourself the perfect place for cheap shipping container deals and most updated shipping container prices for shipping containers based in Australia and New Zealand.

We know you are out there to sniff the best available deals around and we are here to match that objective. understands that every individual or company will like to get the best deals for whatever products or services they purchase so that they obtain the most value out of every single dollar.

Having that very strong objective in mind, we have developed a very efficient system when it comes to delivering our deliverables. Be assured that we shall serve every individual and company with our very best so that you deserve the best deals and recommend our services to many others within your network.

cheap shipping containers

cheap shipping containers

Mind-blowing shipping container prices

Over here, you may find the most updated shipping container prices made available on our website for your quick budgetary and reference purposes be it embarking on your very first project on making a shipping container home, sourcing a good and reliable container for your client’s logistics needs or simply to expand additional storage space for your backyard, we made it all convenient for your planning needs.

used cheap shipping containers

used cheap shipping containers

If you find any other cheap shipping containers elsewhere, please let us know, we will try to match or better them in any way possible

Our shipping containers for sale both new and used are available in different shipping container depot nationwide in the following major cities:


Sydney, New South Wales, NSW

Melbourne, Victoria, VIC

Brisbane, Queensland, QLD

Adelaide, South Australia, SA

Perth, Fremantle, Western Australia, WA

Hobart, Launceston, Tasmania

New Zealand

North Islands




South Islands


Our shipping container fleet comprises of the following:

Dry container (known as GP container, sea containers, steel containers)

High cube container

Reefer container

Flat racks (Collapsible and non-collapsible)

Open top container

These shipping container sizes will come in standard lengths of 20ft, 40ft and 45ft.

Helpful grading/classification terms:

1. New also known as OWFU (One Way Free Use) / OWT (One Way Trip)

New shipping container prices

New shipping container prices

Basically, these newly built shipping containers manufactured directly from the factory are used by the shipping lines for the export containment shipment (usually in China) to all major cities or shipping ports in different parts of the world. In this arranged method of shipping, the buyers of these new shipping containers will save on the hefty freight costs and unnecessary port handling, duties and other administrative costs

2. IICL – Institute of International Container Lessors

used cheap shipping containers australia

IICL is the best grade for used containers condition, these units are generally very young and come with minimal rust and dents. To those not within the trade, they might sometimes look new to you. You will be surprised that sometimes the prices of IICL container might be similar or even more expensive than those new ones especially if they are contracted by shipping companies several years back at a higher purchase price from the manufacturer compared to purchasing a shipping container during a commodity or economic downturn. These units are usually more for rental rather than sale basis due to the fact that shipping companies and owners have not recovered back their investments. If you do need something urgent and not mind paying the premium, we are able to work something out for you.

3. CW – Cargo-worthy / Shipping-worthy

CW shipping containers, one grade lower than IICL units, are the most common type of used shipping containers available in the market. They are known as units which are fit for shipping across internationally whether sea, road or rail. To qualify for CW status, the shipping container will need to be wind, watertight and come with a valid CSC plate. CSC (Convention for safe containers) plate is the metal identification plate found on the original double leaf cargo door on every ISO shipping container. They come with details such as manufacturer’s name, owner’s name and address, date of manufacture and container number. A new shipping container will have 5 years of CW status from the year of manufacture, after 5 years, they will have to be inspected periodically by a qualified surveyor to re-certify and have the CSC expiration date extended to certify them as safe for shipping. Depending on the condition of each used shipping container, they may sometimes be extended between the range of 1 to 2.5 years during each survey.

how much does a shipping container cost

used cheap shipping containers australia nz

4. WWT – Wind Water Tight

WWT units are one grade lower than CW units as they do not possess a valid CSC plate and therefore not qualified for shipping. They are usually used for shipping container homes conversion, storage container space expansion and for other shipping container projects. Mind you, some condition of the WWT units could be even better than the CW status. Though their age is generally older, if preserved well, they may get a chance from the surveyor to issue the CW status to give them a new life. Rarely, you may see one WWT 20ft shipping container (1983) having a condition better than the 2006 unit. The 1983 unit may have been kept under shelter for a long period of time whereas the 2006 unit could have gone through many harsh loading conditions, storage of oil barrels & chemical drums lead to a high chance of spillage exposure causing damage to the container etc.

5. AS IS or Slightly damaged

cheap shipping container prices australia

Definitely one grade lower than WWT as they are damaged and not wind water tight anymore. However, sometimes the damage could be minimal for e.g. small hole on top of the shipping container, slightly damaged to the floorboard. These units could be a gem to those who are savvy with steel repairs and are able to perform welding works to have them back in good WWT condition. Recommended to those who are not particular with slight damages or have some special projects in mind, for e.g. removing the side and top panels to have an all side opening container frame for an arts event.

6. Heavily Damaged / SCRAP

cheap shipping containers new zealand

Without further explanation, these shipping container units are beyond redemption as their steel structure integrity has been compromised greatly and requires lots of efforts such as labour and material to reinstate to WWT condition. For shipping container owners, these are not worth repairing anymore and therefore will sell them for scrap.

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