Types of Shipping Containers and Their Uses



A few years ago, nobody could have imagined that shipping containers could be used in ways that they are being used in, nowadays. From housing to storage and transportation, you find them practically everywhere. The reason is that they have several types, each of which solves a unique purpose.

Regardless of the type, these containers offer strength, stackability, and limitless potential for modification. Before you buy a shipping container, refer to this guide on the different shipping container types and their uses.

Regular containers

These are the most common category of shipping containers, and are also known as dry containers. They are versatile, and a 40ft shipping container can be used for building a home as well as for storage. They can also be used for transporting dry goods, but not perishables that require temperature regulation. Regular storage containers are a cost-effective option and have a good resale value, if you buy them new. They are fast being used to set up restaurants, workshops, community housing, and offices all over the world.

High cube containers

This variety of shipping containers is usually a foot higher than regular, dry storage containers. However, unlike dry storage containers, the high cube variety offers protection from wind and water. If you are looking for building a shipping container home with high ceilings or extra lighting, high cube containers are ideal. The surplus headroom makes them ideal to transport cargo that is higher. It also makes them a good option for industries, where extra storage space is needed.

Open top containers

Open top containers come with removable openings at the top, which gives buyers the option of carrying exceptionally high cargo, like trees. Based on your requirements, open top containers can have both soft and hard tops. Roof bows help to maintain the strength of the container walls. Open top containers are an excellent solution for loading cargo that need loading from the top. These include large tires, glass panels, bulky machinery and the like. You can get both 40ft and 20ft shipping containers in the open top variety.

Reefer containers

As the name suggests, reefer containers are used to store cargos that require temperature regulation/refrigeration. Reefer temperature can be adjusted to as low as –25 and as high as 25 degrees Celsius. Simply plug them to an external power source and enjoy climate control. Reefers are extensively used all over the world to transport food, wine, dairy, poultry, and pharmaceuticals. Reefer containers offer superior protection from the elements, and are hence used to transport movie sets and emergency aid as well.

Flat rack containers

Shipping containers provide excellent transportation of cargo, but they are easily transportable as well. Flat rack containers are without a top and two of their walls. If you need to buy shipping container that can fold down flat, you should buy a flat rack container. They are available in both 20′ and 40′ lengths and are commonly used to carry heavy or oversized loads like building supplies and construction equipment.

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