Top Myths about Shipping Containers Debunked


Top Myths about Shipping Containers Debunked

With cities getting bigger and the population rapidly increasing, the demand for living spaces has expanded. People are looking for affordable yet durable places to call their homes. Architects are also looking for new, innovative ways to meet this growing need of the population. This is why there are many shipping containers for sale as they are now repurposed to be homes. These shipping container ranges from 20ft shipping container to 40ft shipping container. Now, they have emerged as a popular and effective way of providing a potential abode for many.

These container homes have all the necessary properties of a good living space. They are affordable, yet have the strength and durability to last a long time. Nowadays, they are popular with potential homeowners looking for attractive and inventive housing facilities. However, several people still have doubts about living in a shipping container as they would rather build their own dream house. Therefore, it is important to clear all the doubts and debunk the myths about shipping containers. Below are some misconceptions debunked to show everyone that a shipping container is the best option to build a safe, affordable and beautiful house for themselves.

Top Misconceptions about Shipping Containers

There Is Very Little Space

Many believe that these shipping container homes are usually really congested living spaces, perhaps like living in a trailer. However, this is not true. Several shipping container homes offer a large living space with all the luxurious facilities available in a regular house. Take note that the container home you have depends on your own choice. You can opt for a larger space or free up a lot of space in a smaller container by modifying accordingly to your specific needs.

Spray Foam Insulation is the Only Way to Manage Temperature

Although spray insulation can create a seamless vapour barrier for insulating the shipping container and avoid it from getting too hot or cold, it is not the only option one has. In many cases, it might even be more expensive, and one may not be willing to invest so much. Hence, blanket and panel insulation are also other cheaper and effective options to try out.

The Construction Is Complex and Expensive

Apparently, it may seem hard to make a home out of a shipping container, and one might think it is only possible to do so with lots of money. However, it all depends on what you want to build. There are several design ideas and examples of people building a shipping container home for the first time. They are also more affordable than traditional housing schemes in two essential ways. Firstly, less is spent in the construction process of a shipping container house, whereas traditional building material costs a ton more. Secondly, the maintenance also does not cost more, and one can save a lot of money instead. Despite the above, it is also important to remember that the costs you incur usually depend on the design plan you opt for whether you are constructing a traditional brick house or one made from a shipping container.

Therefore, with many people being pushed out of the housing market due to rising prices and inadequate space for housing facilities, shipping containers can be great for making your own affordable dream home. You can now take a look at the shipping containers for sale and perhaps consider it to be your next home.

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