Tips For New Movers When Hiring A Shipping Container


Tips For New Movers When Hiring A Shipping Container

Hiring a shipping container is a crucial part of the moving process. People who are new to the business and need to use a container always need help. If you are one of those people, here are some quick tips and tricks to make this process easier and less risky.

Keeping things budget friendly

You must always keep a realistic estimate of your budget to cover the cost for a moving task. These moving costs depend on the distance to be travelled, the weight to be carried which can be denoted by the size of the container in many cases, and the level of urgency for the container to be shipped. Companies that rent and transport shipping containers usually have their own routes, so try contacting a shipper with a relevant route. This helps reduce costs and stay within budget.

Choosing the perfect size

It is very important that you choose the right container size. While a 20ft shipping container may be the most commonly available option, it might not be suitable for your cargo. A mixture of 20ft and 10 or 8ft containers can be a good idea, as smaller containers are more efficient, particularly if you plan to keep your cargo in a warehouse or in the container for a longer period. However, using a larger container is always more affordable. Therefore, you should make a choice based on the efficiency, affordability and practicality.

Checking the container

It is very crucial that you check the condition of the container and the material is it made of. When checking out the shipping containers for sale, ensure that they are not damaged that it is made from a material that is resistant to corrosion. Be it a 20ft or a 40ft shipping container, do a full examination of the interior and the exterior, including the walls, roofing and flooring. A container that is made from corrosive materials, or is run-down may result in damage to the goods. Also, some companies may charge extra for damages to the container during shipping. All these are unnecessary costs you can avoid.

Security and Insurance

Before hiring a container, make sure you check the security as well as the insurance contract. Make sure the locks work properly. A Lockbox door is ideal for shipping because it not only keeps your goods safe but also protects the padlock from being tampered, thus reducing the risk of damage. As far as insurance of the container is concerned, make sure the contract is ironclad, and that the damage to goods is covered in it. Having a clear insurance contract helps prevent any future conflicts about the coverage of damages. Moreover, the insurance contract can be used to negotiate the price of hire as well.

New movers often have little idea about all these different aspects and should keep the points above in mind when it is time to hire. This will help to get the best deal possible and prevent them from being exploited.

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