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Shipping containers Tasmania


Aside from the rich heritage and its wilderness Tasmania is also well known to have a busy shipping ports. Shipping containers Tasmania are available in multiple locations near the sea port. 

Since most of the goods that are in and out of Tasmania are being transported by sea we have wide availability of stocks in the whole Region. Shipping containers for sale Tasmania are present in the following Ports: Devonport, Bell bay, Burnie and Brighton. And to make sure that we serve our clients well, we are able to assist and arrange shipping containers transport at a reasonable price.

Being away from the mainland Australia, most prices of shipping containers for Tasmania have a higher price than the other states but in shipping containers for sale Tasmania, we make sure to have a fair share in the market. Our prices are highly competitive and the quality of the shipping containers are highly recommended.

Shipping Containers Tasmania: Shipping container dimensions

First, determine the dimensions of the shipping container. You need to know what size is suitable for your requirement.

20ft Shipping Container – A standard shipping container size that can be used as a storage space, transportation of goods and other range of products, carrying furniture and other household items when you are moving to another place.

40ft Shipping Container – A bigger alternative from the standard shipping container for larger, bigger and more capacity. Nowadays, they usually come in high cube container instead of standard height as more shipping liners are stocking them than the standard shipping container due to their extra foot height. 

Shipping Containers Tasmania: Types of shipping containers

Next, let us know what type of shipping container fits your requirement.

Standard shipping container  – know as General purpose container or sea container of 2.6m height

High cube container – 1 feet higher than the standard shipping container at 2.9m height

Open top container – Removable roofing on the top of shipping container with soft or hard top and both heights to choose from

Reefer container – known as refrigerated shipping container or freezer shipping container for frozen or chilled goods logistics available in 2.6m and 2.9m height to choose from.

Shipping Containers Tasmania: Condition of shipping containers

Thirdly, to indicate will you prefer a used or new shipping container depending on your budget and project needs. This will determine the shipping container prices. 

Used (AS IS) – Damaged units, customer will require to perform the repair works on their own. Suitable for people who are on tight budget or good with steel repair works.

Used (WWT) – Wind water tight units, vermin proof with lockable doors. Can only be used locally and not suitable for shipping as existing CSC certificate has expired.

Used (Cargo Worthy) – Basically, they are WWT shipping containers which have been survey by a third party surveyor to certify it is still shipping worthy. A new sticker with a new extended date will be pasted on the CSC plate to reflect the extended expiry date. 

IICL – Shipping containers usually expires with 10 year time frame. Shipping containers younger than 10 years from their date of manufacture and in extremely good condition will fall in this category.

New – These shipping containers are manufactured within the year and usually used once to ship their previous consignment therefore to save freight costs. They are known as the one trippers in the industry. 

Shipping Containers Tasmania: Shipping container transport

Fourthly, we will have to determine what type of transport type will be suitable and cost effective in delivering your shipping container.

▪ Tilt Tray 

▪ Side Loader

▪ Hiab Crane Truck

Special equipment such as the super tilt tray truck and mobile cranes can be arranged depending on your site and terrain complexity. You will need to provide us your address, with photos of main entrance showing road access and the intended shipping container placement location.

Lastly, let us know your delivery address and we will be arranging a transport of your shipping container right at your doorstep in 5-7 days from the date of payment receipt. 

Where you are ready to buy shipping containers now or like to shop around to check out the latest shipping container prices. Contact us today find used cheap shipping container for sale deals in Tasmania. You will not be disappointed!

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