What to Look For When Buying A Shipping Container


A shipping container is used for various purposes such as transporting items, storing items and to create a workspace. Whatever the use of a container is, choosing one to buy can be a challenging task. Therefore, here are some tips for you to purchase the best shipping containers.

New or Used

The first step to finding the right container is to figure out whether you are looking for a new container or a used one. A new shipping container is one in which the cargo has been sent once and is then available for sale. On the other hand, a used container might be a little damaged. If you are going for the latter, ensure you look out for rust, holes and leaks. If you find any, avoid purchasing that container. Shipping container prices will differ according to the size and the condition of the container.

Material of the Container

The containers can be made using different types of steel. Therefore, you should look for a shipping container made of corten steel, as this material is known to be the most durable material.

Storage Capacity

While 20ft shipping container is the most common size of the containers, the size can vary depending on the space required. There are also 40ft shipping container and containers of other sizes. The right size can be chosen according to the desired use of the container.

Airtight Containers

The containers need to be air and watertight to prevent the items inside the container from getting damaged.

Positioning of the Doors

The standard doors of a container are at the end. However, doors can be customized to make them fit for use. For example, you may require doors at both ends to access the container easily, or you may need a door towards the side to be able to load contents with a forklift.

You should check the door hinges to ensure that everything is fully operational and that there is no rusting that hinders the functionality of the doors.

Inspection of the container

When buying a shipping container whether it is a new or used one, you should inspect the container before confirming your purchase. The walls, flooring and roof of the container need to be carefully examined for rust patches, leakages and moulds. Proper inspection is essential as any damages may affect the storage of your items, especially if there are any leakages.


To ensure that the contents of the container are secure, you need to find one that comes with a lockbox on the door. The lockbox should be fitted before purchase, and if it is not there, you should ask the retailer to add it. That is essential to avoid having your products in the shipping containers stolen.


There are various types of vehicles available to deliver the container. It is important that you talk to your retailer beforehand and specify the space available for the delivery vehicles in your area.

While purchasing a shipping container can be challenging, as there are various factors to consider, these tips serve as a useful guide to help you purchase your next shipping container.

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