Guides in Transporting Shipping Containers for Sale 


Delivery Methods of Shipping Containers for Sale 

Apparently, the process of buying shipping containers for sale will not be complete without having it delivered. When you are planning the size, type, condition and other details of the shipping container that you require, you also have to plan the delivery thereafter. Examining the details of the container delivery is as crucial as deciding what container you should get because it includes careful assessment of some details such as deciding the position of container doors, accessibility to the site, determining any obstacle on the site that may cause a delay in unloading and also checking uneven surface on the ground. 

When organizing the delivery of a container, you need to decide on what type of truck is best suited to your site. You have to carefully examine your size and capacity of your location, this will determine which vehicle is appropriate for the delivery. The delivery of the container varies on the container size, delivery location and even the cost of the delivery. Here are the most common transport facilities available: 


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Tilt Tray Truck 

This kind of delivery transport is commonly used for a smaller type of containers like 10ft and 20ft shipping container. A Tilt Tray truck loads the container with the door positioned according to the request to make sure it is in a correct position upon delivery. Tilt truck reverses to the delivery point where it unloads the container at the rear of the truck where the container slides off to the back and position it in the drop-off area.  


Side Loader Delivery Truck 

A side loader truck is a transport that fits both 20-foot container and 40ft container. However, it is commonly used for the latter. This delivery method is ideal for the site that has a limited space in front or behind where the container is supposed to be positioned. The container is unloaded by picking it up from the truck’s tray at each end of the container and lowering it onto the site directly next to the truck’s tray. Side loader truck unloads the container at the driver’s side so it is important to consider the position of the container before loading to the truck. 


Hiab Crane Truck 

A Hiab truck is a kind of truck that has a crane attached to it. This the best delivery option when neither Tilt Tray truck or Side loader can access the drop-off location due to certain obstructions such as fence and other obstacles. The crane is used to position the container at a certain angle and carry it up to move to the drop-off location.

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