Designing A Workspace Out of a Shipping Container


Shipping containers are not only used for transporting goods but have many other uses as well. When the shipping containers were first introduced and put into use, they revolutionised how products were transported. Today, as containers are being used to create workspaces and accommodations, they are changing the way we look at the construction of buildings.

Cost Efficient – Space Efficient

Shipping containers are available mostly in two standardised sizes, that have the following dimensions; 20ft x 8ft and 40ft x 8ft. Both sizes are of the same height; 8ft 6 inches. These dimensions provide plenty of room inside to create many different types of workspaces. One of the main benefits of using a container is that it is a pre-made structure and does not require any further construction, at least on the outside. The interior space can be designed and furnished according to your requirements.

Since the shape of the container is cubical, it can be easily fitted into areas where space is a concern. As the containers are in a standard size and a cube design, they can be stacked on top of each other to create a multi-story building or next to each other to create a larger structure. Entire buildings can be designed around the cube shape of the shipping containers. Container workspaces can be tied with the latest amenities to cater to nearly any line of work. Work can be started directly on the interior, or you can have a container office, which is prefabricated and is ready to use at arriving on site. That then significantly reduces the required construction time and costs. The design possibilities with a shipping container are endless, and they can even be installed underground if necessary.

Popular Prevailing Trends

In many areas where the educational system is lagging due to financial difficulties, the 40ft shipping containers have provided to be a much more economical option for classrooms and school offices. In many areas, schools are built out of containers and joined by small medical units. These small medical centres also take advantage of the low setup cost, allowing medical facilities to be provided in areas where it was initially difficult to reach. However, it is not only the cost advantage we are talking about. The diversity and styles of the containers are also gaining popularity. Countries like France, UK and the USA have utilised shipping containers in popular tourists’ sites, adapted to act as high-quality restaurants and cafes.

It is now a common trend to find a prefabricated 40ft shipping container. Those shipping containers have floorings, lighting and even air conditioning systems installed. Some also have restrooms and nice features such as an extendable roof, which creates a little sitting area outside the container.

Developing a workspace out of a container might be a new thing in your line of work. However, it’s only a matter of time that this new trend spreads and becomes a norm in the industry.

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