Shipping Container Ports Location in Australia 


Busiest Shipping Container Ports in Australia 

Shipping containers for sale are basically located almost everywhere in the world. In Australia, because of its remote and diverse geographical location and being one of the biggest countries in the world, shipping containers have been a huge part of the country’s livelihood. It helped sustain the requirements of the people not only with the food and other daily necessities but also with shelter and other business demands in a more economical aspect. With that, the country has been somehow dependent on import and export goods between other large export markets like Japan, US and China. 

Australia, on the other hand, is one of the biggest export markets in the world exporting mainly its natural resources like iron ore, gold, gas and coal. China is named to be the largest export market of Australia in terms of goods and services. In line with this, the ports of Australia are the busiest throughout the year carrying mostly 20ft shipping container and 40ft shipping container. In terms of import and export business, ports are the lifeblood of the industry because it is the point of entry for both goods coming in and out of the country. Australia has numbers of ports for both International trade and domestic freight majority are in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 

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Port of Melbourne 

The Port of Melbourne is Australia’s largest maritime hub for containerized, automotive and general cargo. It is a key economic asset for businesses and people across Victoria and south-eastern Australia. The port is located in Melbourne, Victoria covering an area at the mouth of Yarra River. The port is constructed in 1889 and managed by Port of Melbourne Corporation since 2003. The port handles over 2.64 million TEU annually and over 7200 containers and 1000 new motor vehicles per day on average. 

 Port of Sydney 

Port of Sydney is also locally known as Port Botany is a deep-water seaport located in Botany Bay, Sydney and is Australia’s premium port. The port is the largest container port that specializes in trade in manufactured products and bulk liquid imports including petroleum and natural gas. The port construction began in 1971 and completed and started operation in 1979 as the facility for the import of natural gas, petroleum, oil and chemicals.  

Port of Brisbane 

The seaport of Brisbane is the third busiest port of Australia and the fastest growing container port and Queensland’s largest multi-cargo port. It is located on the east coast of Queensland, Brisbane and is managed and developed by Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd. The port facilitates over 2600 ships and transports more than 28 million tons of cargo annually.  

Port of Fremantle 

Port of Fremantle is Western’s Australia’s biggest port and the country’s 4th largest container port. The port is a great help in boosting the maritime sector and growth of the domestic economy through employment. The port is situated on the mouth of Swan River, the outer harbour which is 20 km south of Kiwana in Cockburn Sound. The port handles in transporting coal, cement, gypsum, iron, fertilizers and sulfuric acid.  

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