Benefits of Shipping Container Water Purification System



Did you know that the interesting Ekocenters that serve developing communities in different countries are made entirely from shipping containers? These have solar panels and water purification systems built in. The Ekocentre is an initiative by a popular soft drink company and has revolutionized the delivery of safe drinking water to underprivileged people. You too can take a cue from this and construct your own water purification system. Moreover, shipping container prices are down throughout the year.

Here are some benefits of shipping container water purification systems.

They can purify large quantities of water

Reverse Osmosis systems in homes tend to have a relatively low output. Unlike them, containerized water purification systems have a fairly high clean water production output. A 20ft shipping container system can produce over 800 litres of safe water a day. Larger systems can produce a lot more, serving large communities easily.
If you are still weighing your options to set up a compact office, shipping containers could be the answer. They can be installed with water purification units, since a water dispenser for your staff is indispensable.

The energy consumption is less than that of a hair dryer

This is probably the biggest reason why corporate giants have joined the bandwagon of containerized water purification systems. The energy consumption is minimal, that is under a kWh of power. This is not only good for the environment, but helps you save on electricity costs. You can also install solar panels at the top and mobile charging units inside.

The modules can be transported easily

For businesses that have employees posted to outdoor locations, this is an absolute necessity. Water is a basic necessity and can’t be compromised on. Invest in shipping container based purification systems and have them delivered anywhere your employees are working. To compensate on transportation costs, look for a company that offers low shipping container prices. From mounting containers on trailers to deploying them on-site, the transportation process is fast and smooth.

They are commercially viable

Containerized water purification belongs in the future, and leading organizations are embracing the innovation. If you are looking for some unique and highly profitable business ideas, look no further. With shipping container prices forever low, you can set up a commercial operation of containerized water purification systems.
The demand for disaster relief systems and community service is huge right now. Even if you want to set-up a smaller business, you can set up community units serving clean water, refreshments, and so on.

They have a low capital and installation cost

You can start a mobile water and food dispensing van on the lines of the Ekocenter as well. For lower capital costs, you will have to get the unit built in a factory. This will help you save money on the investment. This also helps to maintain quality since multiple units are manufactured together. Shipping container water purification systems have low installation costs as well. Shipping containers can be bought cheap and water purification systems can be installed separately.

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