4 Ways You Can Use a Shipping Container at Your Construction Site


4 Ways You Can Use a Shipping Container at Your Construction Site

Because of the scarcity of land in Singapore, it is no surprise you find high risers dominating the real estate market. Every time a building construction project is started, the construction company has to make a lot of arrangements in order to provide proper housing, washing, cleaning, working, and storage facilities. The construction company must factor in the safety and security of workers assigned to the project. One way of providing all the on-site necessary amenities to the construction workers is to buy or rent compact portable buildings. Another way is to use shipping containers. Since shipping containers for sale come in different sizes and features and can be relocated easily and used in other construction sites, many construction companies prefer them instead of compact portable buildings.

Let us explore 4 different ways you can use these humble containers on your construction site:

  1. On-Site Offices

Whether you are constructing a new multi-story building or renovating an apartment complex, every construction project requires many skilled workers to work together for the project to be finished on time. Most of these construction workers are stationed on site, while other visit the site frequently. Establishing an on-site office with all the necessary amenities and proper safety features is always a challenge for construction companies. The best way to deal with this challenge is to use a 20ft shipping container or a 40ft shipping container as an on-site office. You can get them customised to your needs and budget and easily move them anywhere you want during or after the project.

  1. On-Site Toilets

One of the major concerns for many construction companies operating in Singapore is to provide clean and hygienic on-site toilet facilities to their workers and staff members. Some use portable chemical toilets, which get very messy and smelly after frequent use. Portable toilets made from shipping containers have gained popularity in Singapore since they come equipped with proper lighting, a hot and cold water system, wash basins, urinals, exhaust fans and soap dispensers. Depending on your need and your budget you can use a 20ft shipping container or a 40ft shipping container and get it customised into a modern toilet facility for your construction workers.

  1. On-Site Lunch Rooms

Construction workers need the energy to carry out their work and for that they need to eat. A lunch break gives them the opportunity to re-energise their body by eating lunch and taking some rest. The on-site lunch room, therefore, needs to give them a relaxing and comfortable environment. You can use a 20ft shipping container and get it customised to a modern dining facility by including a microwave, refrigerator, stove, sink, and other commonly used features. You can also include chairs, tables, exhaust system, as well as an HVAC system to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for your construction workers.

  1. On-Site Storage

Another great way you can use a 40ft shipping container on your construction site is to convert it into a proper storage facility. Since shipping containers are very solid and durable and come equipped with strong and reliable locks, you can store your expensive construction equipment in them.

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