10 Fascinating Shipping Container Homes



Shipping containers homes provide some facilities and advantages that other forms of housing don’t. Moreover, containers are rather affordable and make for sturdy housing material. That is probably why a number of architects and residents have led the container housing revolution in different parts of the world.

Unlike a regular home, you don’t have to buy shipping container homes. Simply buy a 40ft shipping container and build your own home. Here are 10 examples of fascinating shipping container homes.

1. Coromandel Bach, New Zealand

The Coromandel Bach is a modern reinterpretation of New Zealand’s traditional woodcraft techniques and its use of timber in house building. Either side of the house has large doors that can be lowered to form the way out. The rectangular design includes secure, bunk-style rooms and on open living area.

2. Containers of Hope, Costa Rica

The result of a successful collaboration between a Costa Rican architect and his clients, this famous container home has an area of 1,000 square foot. Located on the exteriors of San Jose, the house was conceived by Marco Peralta and Gabriela Calvo. It is a high-efficiency home built keeping sustainability and comfort in mind and has been constructed for just $40,000.

3. Casa El Tiemblo, Spain

Located in Avila, the beauty of this shipping container home is its modest interiors and mesmerizing interiors. Four 40ft shipping containers have been used in the building of the house. Interestingly, the walls of the ground floor are all made from glass.

4. The Beach Box, USA

You usually buy shipping containers to save on costs, but the Beach Box is located in Hamptons, a posh New York locality. The home has eco-friendly features like EcoTop Counters, tank-less water heating, and a thermoplastic roof.

5. The Caterpillar House, Chile

Overlooking the resplendent city of Chile from a hillside where it is located, the Caterpillar home uses a slope design and open ventilation. The house was built using 12 containers, all of different sizes, and has a total area of 3,800 sq feet.

6. 12 Container House, USA

This is a great model to follow if you have a large family. The 12 Container House was built from 12 containers, as the name suggests, and has an area of 4,000 square feet. The walls are made of glass everywhere and reinforced using steel. The inside has 2 sections and bathrooms for all rooms.

7. Maison Container, France

This is situated in Lille, towards the French countryside. The Maison Container was constructed using 8 shipping containers. The doors on the exterior can be closed manually to shield from the harsh rays of the sun or for privacy.

8. Ecuadorian Container Home, Equador

Architects Daniel Moreno Flores and Sebastian Calero have designed this one-of-a-kind abode in Pichincha, Equador. The building has used seven 20ft and one 40ft shipping container. The best thing about this home is that it can be disassembled and is transportable.

9. Zigloo Domestique Complete, Canada

This shipping container home was one of the first few in the country and is situated in Victoria. Retrofitting eight 20ft containers with a proper roof and using sustainable material for the interior, architect Keith Dewey has created a truly modern home.

10. Crossbox House, France

Using 4 containers in a way that it resembles a cross when viewed from above, the house has 1,119 square feet of area. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living space and a kitchen.

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